The picture below is not a dog

…it’s a FETAL WOLF.

Yes. You read that correctly.

We all know that before humans bred animals into domestication they were wild. Dogs are no different in this case, and in a lot of situations they still exhibit their wild side (i.e. attacking and actually eating people. It happens. I swear. Seriously.)

And even if you’re one of those purist “evolution doesn’t exist” people, you can’t deny that with dogs at least, breeding has led to their domestication from wild animals.

Come to think of it you probably can deny that, even in the face of cold hard evidence. You know what? if you actually think evolution doesn’t exist, navigate away from this page and go to hell, asshole. And I only say “go to hell” because it’s likely that you believe that hell, a completely abstract thing that no living person has ever seen or been to, does exist. Fuck you and your circular logic. And if by this point you haven’t navigated away, I offer this picture as proof that dogs used to be wolves or something:

That dog will fuck you up.

For the rest of you (believers), I have an interesting tidbit. The dog at the top of this page is of the “toy dog” variety. You often see sluts like Paris Hilton toting one of these ridiculous creatures around like it’s some kind of fashion accessory and not an actual living being.

How, one might ask, did a dog of this size actually make it in the wild before its domestication? What was it hunting, mice?

The truth is, they actually weren’t competing with much because they didn’t exist. Toy dogs actually have many traits of you guessed it, fetal wolves. They got this way through selective breeding, and over many generations, retained features that are only usually seen in ultrasounds when wolves are pregnant. The term used to describe this retention of juvenile traits is Neoteny.

Imagine if you were to tell Paris Hilton that she was carrying around a wolf fetus.

On second though, she probably doesn’t know what the word “fetus” means.


~ by prometheus0110 on July 15, 2008.

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