The internet has everything

I like to include pictures with my posts. I was never one to just read a huge wall of text, and I’d like to think that the pictures add a bit of fun to the content of this site.

That being said, the internet has a picture of literally everything. I was recently chatting with my friend over e-mail about a dream I had that included raining cotton candy. My stance on the issue was that cotton candy from the sky is a scary topic – his was that it was more delicious than scary. I decided to show him just how scary it could be, and sent him this image:

Pretty scary right? But I digress.

The picture above took me approximatley 4 seconds to find on google. I actually just typed in “cotton candy” into the image search and found that picture on the first page (try it yourself: Cotton Candy Image Search

This got me thinking – I’ve never had an issue finding pictures for this page – not once. So I decided to just randomly make up an image, and search for it, and see what I’d find:

The first one: Cats Ninja Fighting:

The second one: A boy riding a fish:

The third one: A cow swimming like a dolphin:

The world is indeed a strange place. I am reminded of a quote form Charles H. Duell, Comissioner of the US patent office in 1899, who said “Everything that can be invented has been invented.” Obviously he was an idiot, but I can kind of see how he feels now. Try looking on google for random stuff, you’ll be surprised with what you find.


~ by prometheus0110 on July 24, 2008.

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